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Have you found yourself locked out of your vehicle or home? Need to get back inside A.S.A.P?

Welcome to Atlanta Locksmith services, your №1 choice when it comes to security solutions provided in the area.

We cover Atlanta metro area 24 hours a day, providing mobile car, home and business locksmith services.


Got no time to wait? We won't make you wait longer than 20 minutes until our nearest technician arrives at your location!

We have all the necessary tools to guarantee fast and professional treatment, no matter what service is needed.

Call us at (678) 929-4542 or use our contact form whenever you need a locksmith service in Atlanta!

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Locksmith In Atlanta, serving the ATL metro 24 hours a day!



What is a locksmith?

The term originated when a few certain metal-smiths began to specialize in making locks during the dark ages.

As there became a more prevalent demand for lock fabrication, many smiths began to specialize in the trade and a new profession arose: "The Locksmith".

These days no locksmith spends his time fabricating locks, almost no one in any profession does that sort of thing since the industrial revolution made such an endeavor kind of moot.That's not to say that a certified locksmith doesn't know how to take apart, and rekey any kind of tumbler lock or unjam the most complicated locks on the market.

The modern locksmith has continued to evolve to work with various security systems and have adapted to changing needs and trends, such as Radio Frequency ID "Chip" (RFID) equipped keyless and remote entry systems and even keypad or keycode security systems of varying degrees of security.

Obviously a locksmith knows his way around all lock types, and he is the individual to call when you are experiencing trouble with any of your lock systems, wether that be at home, in your business or vehicle. The locksmiths of today are professionals that can get you in and keep others out so that your family is safe from harm.

Contact our professionaly certified locksmiths today.

Where are your locksmiths based?

The express locksmith services of locksmith in Atlanta are available 24 hour a day and can be reached at  541 10th Street Northwest ATLANTA, GA 30318.


Reach us by phone or our constantly monitored e-mail through the web form located at the right hand lower corner on every page.


What towns in Atlanta do your locksmiths serve?

Our locksmith technicians are spread out through the various neighborhoods and city's within the Atlanta metro itself.

We service a 35 mile radius from downtown Atlanta and have a specific set of technicians in every city in our service area page

Will I get a guarantee on a lock installed in my door?

If you need a brand new lock installed - you will be given a 90-day guarantee!

What types of locks do your locksmiths use?

The question is "what kind of lock would YOU prefer?".

Locksmith in Atlanta works with every major lock provider and every major brand but obviously we can install any kind of lock you may have purchased by yourself which does not carry a label.

Our technicians carry with them at all times virtually any lock model, from cheap & affordable to high security equipment.

Every car key is made by a specific blank matched to that car and is expertly cut and crafted to provide a long lasting key for your vehicle whether it's a regular key or transponder equipped key.

Are your locksmiths licensed and bonded?

Yes! We employ only licensed and bonded professionals that know how to handle any security issue there can be!

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